Benefits Of Using UV Lights In Hospitals

UV light systems are increasingly used in healthcare facilities to disinfect patients and operating rooms. Despite significant research and use in other industries, ultraviolet light systems are misunderstood. So let us solve this mystery.

In nature, ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun. UV-A is a long wave light that is not absorbed by the ozone layer (also known as black light), UV-B is a medium wave light mainly absorbed by the ozone layer, and UV-C is a short wave light entirely absorbed by the ozone layer. Modern science has developed UV-C lighting that can penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms and alter the DNA structure. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of UV light disinfection in hospitals and uvc cleaning systems.

  • Non-Toxic UV Light Disinfection

UV light disinfection is non-toxic and is arguably its most significant advantage. Unlike harsh chemicals in cleaning and sanitation products, UV light is non-hazardous to the environment. UV light disinfection is a physical rather than a chemical process.

UV light disinfection is safe for wood perforation services and non-food items. While excessive UV exposure can be harmful to humans, with proper protection, this is a safe and non-toxic disinfection method for the restaurant, hospitality, and medical industries.


  • UV Light Disinfection is a Highly Effective Disinfection Method.

The next significant advantage of disinfecting with UV light is that it is far more effective than other methods. UV light kills a wide range of dangerous organisms.

Did you know, for example, that UV light kills moulds and spores? Other methods of disinfection may not work, or they may leave a damp environment in which fungi can thrive. Because UV disinfection is a dry method, you can be confident that it will eliminate existing mould and prevent future growth.

Types Of UVC cleaning systems

  • M15/20 Towers Boasts UV dose intelligence

The M15/M20 product family is one of the most powerful systems on the market today. The M15/M20 uses a standard 15 or 20-amp outlet to deliver the world-class output and includes many features not found on other UVC towers. Intelligent Dosing, which uses onboard UVC sensors, provides a calculated log 4 kill rate targeted dose that is consistent and repeatable.

  • W15 wall mount unit with remote control

A single W15 model has been shown to treat a room 16 ft (5m) by 13 ft (4m) in 15 minutes and reduce Staphylococcus Aureus colonisation to a log 4 in a single treatment (see test report for details). Larger rooms or areas can be treated by wirelessly connecting up to eight devices. By positioning the devices on parallel or adjacent walls depending on the room shape, more than one W15 in a single room can produce a concise UVC treatment cycle.


In a hospital, there are so many germs exposed day in and day out and cleaning it in the right way is very important so that your patients don’t get this microorganism in their bodies.

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