Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

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  2. Benefits of using a CRM software
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Businesses are becoming more customer-centric than ever as customer-awareness and competition in the market mounts. It has become crucial that businesses catch up with the pace and build strong relationships with their customers. CRM or Customer Relationship Management has become imperative and cannot be overlooked by marketers or business owners. As a small business, you can make use of budget-friendly CRM software solutions to amp up customer-relations.

Best CRM Software for Small Businesses

  • HubSpot

With HubSpot, you will find a bunch of free plans that let you enjoy basic CRM software features and other sales features as well. The platform is one of the leading names in the market, primarily due to its cost-effectiveness and its user-friendliness. You can use the HubSpot mobile app on both your iPhone and on your Android devices. HubSpot also lets you integrate it with either an individual user or a team, giving detailed reports, wide customer data, endless memory for contacts storage, and several email templates as well. Some other important features of this CRM platform include email scheduling, 300 apps integration, custom contact filters, and integration with third-party tools like Salesforce.


One of the biggest reasons why HubSpot remains one of the leading software solution companies in CRM is that it has a completely free model available. It is the ideal pick for small businesses that have a tight budget. Therefore, the free of cost HubSpot CRM software solution is perfect for small businesses.


  • High satisfaction rate
  • Highly reliable
  • Allows third-party integration
  • Free of cost


  • Free version includes basic features only
  • Zoho

Marketing efforts need to be continuous and consistent for any business’s success. But you cannot overlook the importance of customer relationship building and maintenance. Therefore, if you are already using marketing tools for your business, then integrate those with Zoho’s CRM tools. This CRM software provides you with mobile apps as well as tools for use online. You also get marketing tools by Zoho, so you have a bunch of options. Key features of Zoho CRM software include AI-driven voice assistants, forecasts for business trends, automated customer support, website management, safety features for data protection, and data-rich analytic reports.


You can utilize a free Zoho CRM plan for up to 3 users. If there are more users or you want more features, there are paid plans for that as well. Their most popular paid plan is the “Enterprise” one, which can accommodate more users and comes with professional features. It costs $35/user/month. It can be billed annually or monthly, although there is a 20% discount on annual billing. The plan includes a free-trial too along with advanced customization. The “Standard” plan is the cheapest of all with minimal features, it costs $12 a user/month.


  • Flexible prices and plans to choose from
  • Can integrate with pre-existing marketing tools
  • Allows customizable dashboards and analytics reports


  • No specific plan that is perfect for small business level
  • Salesforce

Salesforce is known for being the best CRM software. It has wide-scale operations and offers incredible features to users. This US-based CRM software solution company lets you streamline your sales, marketing, IT, customer service, and other such business operations altogether. It has a separate model for small businesses that lets you take an in-depth demo and a free trial as well. They have a bunch of CRM tools including app building, B2B marketing tool, and customizable sales services. Salesforce promises to bring you 32% more leads than usual, and a 26% higher rate of customer satisfaction.


There is an “Essentials” plan, where you get access to all the basic CRM tools including guided setup, email tracking, social media and email support, and customized reports. You get all this at a rate of $25 per month.

Their “Professional” plan costs about $75 a month, and includes CRM tools for whole teams rather than individual users. For larger businesses, they have the “Enterprise” plan that charges $150 a month and offers insightful, highly customizable, and personalized CRM solutions.


  • Known as the world’s #1 CRM software
  • Lots of flexible prices and plans to choose from
  • Good for individual users and small businesses
  • Huge database and experience with businesses of all sizes


  • The basic plan has limited features

Benefits of Using a CRM Software

Businesses in all industries need to win their customers and maintain good relations with them. It takes a whole lot of effort and strategic steps to attract long-lasting and sustainable customers for your business. Whether you are running an online store, a B2B e-commerce model, or provide satellite TV services like the AT&T DIRECTV to the entire country, CRM software can be essential for you in generating revenue and increasing profitability. Here are some key advantages of investing in a CRM software solution for your small business.

  • Easier Customer Segmentation

Today’s business models are striving to find segments within their generic customer profile. This is because the reach is increasing, becoming almost global for most businesses with all the digital transformation. It has become important for marketers and businesses to create segments and deal with them individually by making targeted marketing strategies rather than generic ones. With CRM, you get advanced analytic reports about your customers, you get closer to your customers, and are able to understand them better too. Consequently, you can do market segmentation effectively with a more focused approach for your business teams.

  • Data Organization

Manually putting in such huge databases can be time-consuming and inefficient. With CRM software, you get automatically updated lists of customers and contacts, which your teams can use for further applications. This software also allows you to add in contact filters so you can find contacts much faster. Other than that, as your business grows larger, you won’t have to worry about data getting lost or mismanaged.

  • More Profitability

All the betterment in business management and task efficiency eventually leads to higher profits. When you develop good relationships with your customers, they feel valued, important, and an integral part of your business. As a result, they are more likely to stay loyal and keep utilizing your product or service rather than switch to a viable competitor. Moreover, with all business tasks becoming more and more time-efficient, such as data reporting and chat support, profits are bound to increase.

Summing It All Up

Even if you have a new startup, how you deal with your customers becomes the biggest deal maker or breaker for you. Take out a couple of bucks and spend it on one of the best CRM software to reap the benefits in the longer term.

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