Brian  Stovsky: Leader in Business Development

Brian Stovsky was born and raised in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. He went to school in Hunting Valley, Ohio, and the name of the school is University School. He was on very successful sports teams when he played both lacrosse and hockey in high school. He continued to be an athlete and play at Ithaca College, located in Ithaca, New York. Then, he transferred to Miami, Ohio, and continued to play hockey as he attended school there. He then graduated from Miami in 2013 and went to Cleveland State University to get his MBA. After obtaining this degree, he worked for PwC. After this, he moved to Edgepoint Capital, which is located in Cleveland. After a year of experience, he accepted a position to help lead the Private Equity arm of Oswald Companies, which is an insurance brokerage in Cleveland, Ohio. At this point, he has been working at this company for approximately 3.5 years.

Brian Stovsky has spoken of how people can practice risk management during the COVID-19 pandemic. He understands why risk management has a significance that is nuanced during this pandemic. Risk management is used to identify exposures within an organization and implement the proper processes and solutions to mitigate the potential loss moving forward. If there are exposures, the next thing that they must do is seek out other procedures that would mitigate or remove the exposure properly. Due diligence is a critical component of risk advisory, and many problems and issues can be identified during due diligence. Then, the steps are implemented, before the final task of reviewing and monitoring everything. Brian Stovsky acknowledges that the pandemic has made for a tumultuous landscape when it comes to deal due diligence and closing. However, with a proper risk advisory and due diligence partner, as well as potential reps and warranties coverages, risk navigation can still be completed successfully in today’s environment.

Brian Stovsky currently lives in downtown Cleveland and has a girlfriend and a dog. He has continued with his hockey career long after his college athletic career was over and now plays men’s league hockey. He is also a member of the Cleveland chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth, or ACG. In addition to all of this, he is a board member of Empower Sports, and he is soon going to be a part of the Cleveland Leadership Center’s Bridge Builders program. As a board member of Empower Sports, Brian Stovsky has found a way to get close to his community through sports and give back by empowering other individuals via sports. This is an organization that encourages everybody, regardless of their skill level, to enjoy sports and good sportsmanship; in this way, he is able to leverage his talent and skills in sports to help other people in a fairly unusual way.

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