Douglas Greenberg Discusses Benefits of Holistic M&A Business Owner Roundtables

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Educating Business Owners on Best Practices for Mergers & Acquisitions

Douglas Greenberg and his company Pacific Northwest Advisory are helping business owners by facilitating holistic M&A roundtables. These dynamic discussions add value to the business decision-making processes.

Douglas Greenberg notes a holistic approach to mergers and acquisitions is key for success, given the complex nature of these transactions. Managing M&A includes consolidations and financial reporting, contracts, due diligence and a series of legal and human resources considerations. In the business owner roundtables, these topics and more are discussed from a holistic perspective, to give business owners insight into the overall process.

Douglas Greenberg answers questions during the roundtables and provides a detailed analysis of identifying acquisition targets. If an acquisition is being made to support an initial public offering, these dynamics are discussed as well. Understanding what makes mergers and acquisitions work is important for developing a strategy, executing that strategy and achieving operational objectives. Business owners can learn from the roundtables, hone their skills and conduct mergers and acquisitions with greater competency as a result.

Often-times complications arise during mergers and acquisitions. This can sometimes result in a divestiture of the acquisition target, or subsequent legal proceeding to sort out costly issues. Knowing how to approach complications is as important as having a solid M&A strategy. Douglas Greenberg shares his experiences with business owners, helping them understand the financial pitfalls to avoid. Learning from the experience of others is a key benefit of the holistic business owner roundtables.

Douglas Greenberg is a fiduciary and provides valuable advice that serves the interest of business owners. The holistic M&A roundtables are designed to fit the needs of business owners and protect their companies. They are also designed to make M&A transactions more successful and profitable. These sessions continue to evolve and add new content, making it a discussion worth attending more than once. Business owners looking to develop their understanding of M&A have a forum to enhance their decision-making process.

Prior to founding PNWA, Douglas Greenberg served as an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley for 24 years. He’s widely recognized as a top financial advisor by publications such as Barron’s, Forbes and the Financial Times. He is also a Certified Investment Management Analyst. Douglas Greenberg continues to look for new and innovative approaches to M&A business transactions.

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