FOMO and Cryptocurrency: How Online Trading Academy Aims to Educate

If you’ve spent even a few minutes on the internet over the past couple of years, you’ve likely heard about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has become the hottest new topic in the investing and tech spaces because the potential it offers is nearly unrivaled. Alongside its potential, cryptocurrency also exists within a vaguely confusing and nebulous space where individuals are often caught up in a Fear of Missing Out.

Online Trading Academy has been operating as an educational facility for everyday investors for the better part of the past 25 years. Operating on its Core Strategy methodology, Online Trading Academy recently announced a new crypto-themed educational program to help investors learn the ropes while preparing for their own trading adventures.

Eyal Shahar is the founder of OTA as well as its CEO. Shahar stated, “I founded this company nearly 25 years ago because the technology was enabling everyday investors direct access to the financial markets.”

Understanding the core importance of risk management, Online Trading Academy became instrumental in helping investors to understand the ins and outs of their trades. Current classes include strategic methodology, and coverage of topics including portfolio management, Options, Forex, Futures, and more.

Merlin Rothfeld is the Senior Director overseeing the newest crypto-education program at Online Trading Academy.

Future of Decentralized Finance

Looking to the state of the industry itself as well as the burgeoning followers and investors, Rothfeld added, “We are at the precipice of a new economy. Decentralized finance is like the beginning of the internet. It is exciting but it can be very risky.”

Within the newest offerings at OTA, students will find their way to a course titled Digital Assets. More than just Bitcoin, Digital Assets offers a more comprehensive and exhaustive view of cryptocurrency, digital assets, and their place in the economy going forward. This is an online program that works in an in-demand fashion as the foundation of OTA’s digital asset offerings.

Looking to the dot-com crash of the 90s and the FOMO that caused it, Rothfeld and Shahar hope that their educational platform allows for a much more moderated approach to the space.

Rothfeld said of his work at OTA, “Whether I’m teaching options or crypto to someone who has been investing for years or someone just getting started, my mission is always the same: give people the tools to make smarter decisions.”

About Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy first opened its doors nearly 25 years ago. Already expanding from its single location in Irvine, CA, OTA can now be found in more than 30 education centers around the world. At the time of this writing, Online Trading Academy has helped more than 85,000 students to find access to the education they need to find success in today’s digital trading spaces.

Students choosing to partake in OTA courses will do so under the guidance of knowledgeable inductors from within a classroom of extensive online educational resources.

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