Generating extraordinary alpha for investors through DeFi

With the massive rise of cryptocurrency investments pouring in across the globe, individuals and institutions are flooding to explore the space of decentralized finance. And why not- DeFi has unlocked more than $100 billion of value within a short timespan. The exponential growth of the DeFi market reflects the immense potential of digital currencies and decentralized platforms that offer an alternative to the paradigm of traditional finance, which for decades has seen steady consolidation, stifling innovation, and deemphasizing financial inclusion.

While on the other hand, DeFi is creating a revolution by laying a strong foundation for permissionless, blockchain-based financial services within the emerging digital economy in a democratized way. The space, however, is in its infancy and is still reserved for the most crypto- and tech-savvy. And while there are index funds and private equity-like funds that promise to maximize an investor’s returns without the hassle of navigating this complex digital world, they are still subject to the extremely volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market.

Amidst the clutter of such investment-yielding platforms, Finexify has emerged to be a pathbreaking platform with a proven track record of generating extraordinary alpha for investors through DeFi. Spearheaded by a team of experts with unique skills and first-hand experience in the FinTech and the crypto industry, Finexify focuses on a market-neutral approach by deploying proprietary risk management techniques to generate extraordinary alpha in both bull and bear markets.

Speaking about Finexify’s unique proposition and endless opportunities in the DeFi space, Valentin Mihov, Founder of Finexify said, “We currently live in unprecedented times. The underlying blockchain technology on every established DeFi protocol is making history before our own eyes. We at Finexify, as market participants, are an integral part of this financial revolution to be discussed in generations to come.”  

Yield generating strategies such as liquidity mining deployed on preselected and audited DeFi protocols are the key to generating extraordinary alpha by limiting the exposure to the price volatility of the underlying digital assets. As DeFi continues to open further investment opportunities for large populations, Finexify aims to further strengthen its position by mitigating risk and sustaining long-term profitability for Ethereum and Stablecoin (USDT, USDC, DAI) investors.

The limited access to DeFi means exceptional returns unmatched by traditional funds and Finexify is more than prepared to make the most of this profit opportunity. Through its flagship Ethereum Green Legend Fund, Finexify achieves significant alpha regardless of the market sentiment and is now ready to take its journey to the next level with a projected 20x+ increase of Assets Under Management (AUM) in Q4 2021.

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