How Do I Find a Perfect Real Estate Agent?

Finding an ideal real estate agent can be overwhelming, especially for newbies in the industry. Besides, there are numerous agents available, making it even more challenging to choose one. But the good news is that you can contact Boston real estate agents for the best services. While it might be time-consuming, evaluating and interviewing prospective agents is worth each minute. Remember, selling or buying a house is a huge investment; thus, you must guarantee you have the right personnel in your corner. This article provides a comprehensive guide on the essential things to look for in a real estate agent.

Honesty, especially in Challenging Circumstances

While honesty can be quite difficult to gauge as a first encounter, it is crucial to find an honest agent whose opinion you can trust. Your agent’s opinion on accepting and making offers is extremely valuable to you as their client. However, this can only happen when you completely trust them to operate in your best interest. You want an agent who can tell you the truth even when they know it might not be the best thing to hear. An honest agent can save you from making decisions out of emotions that might cause regrets in the long run.

An Active Listener

You want to select an agent that listens to your needs keenly without missing any details. Your real estate agent will act as your representative in probably some of the largest sales or purchases in your life. Therefore, you must guarantee that they understand your proprieties properly. This way, they will always remember your wishes and contact you immediately after they locate a good deal for you. An ideal agent should not monopolize the conversations; therefore, if you do not feel heard, it’s high time you change your agent.

Excellent Referrals and References

One of the best and quickest ways to expect from real estate agents is through contacting their previous customers. While this step is highly overlooked by many, it is worth looking at when evaluating your agents. You can ask your agents to present a list of previous clients they have worked with, preferably around your area. Also, take your time to get honest feedback that you can rely on. You can even visit some of their previous clients and see the projects they had together.

Negotiating Skills

How good is your real estate agent at negotiating? Typically, your real estate agent must have strong negotiation skills to allow you to get the best deals when selling or buying property. You want a person who has studied the market and has enough experience and knowledge.

Besides, a great real estate agent pays her/himself, and this happens at the negotiation table. Reading whether you should make a low offer, strong offer, or counter offer requires a proper understanding of the listing agent’s negotiation style and the seller’s situation. Additionally, pricing a specific listing appropriately includes an art form that can set the phase for a timely sale and a successful negotiation.

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