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How to recognize COVID-19 scam sites on the Internet?


We are witnessing one of the worst pandemics that has befallen humanity in the last few decades. Despite the discovered vaccines, Coronavirus is still spreading, and the big question is when and how it will be suppressed.

In this regard, we are all aware that the Internet has become an important place where many criminals have seen a way to take advantage of the Kovid situation and abuse the fear and ignorance of targeted victims to make money or steal their identity and personal information.

Scam sites appear on the Internet almost every day, as was the case with Texas Medical Technology and Omri Shafran lately. How to adequately protect yourself from these “cyber-attacks and scams” is extremely important to know.

Therefore, we’ve provided you with some of the best tips on how to recognize COVID-19 scam sites on the Internet.

Check their domain name and date.

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot about a site if you look at its domain and its creation date. Scam sites will most often imitate big brands with proper names or present themselves on behalf of someone famous. If you notice a brand name with a spelling error, it will have a name in the style of “cheapdisinfectionproducts.com”.

On the other hand, the site creation date can also imply whether it’s a scam site or not. In many situations, scam sites are short-lived since they get banned quickly once they’re busted on Google. If the domain name is from just a couple of days before that moment, it’s most likely a fraudulent company and website.

Be aware of unrealistically cheap products against Covid-19.

If you notice an online company that offers unrealistically huge discounts on various antiviral products, such as hand sanitisers, facial masks, air purifiers, and so, make sure to double-check it since it may be a scam.

Cybercriminals abuse the current situation and fear in many people, allegedly offering them precisely what they need at a very affordable price. Ask yourself, if such a product is so cheap, then what is the profit of those who sell them? And if you order through such a site, do not be surprised if, in the end, you do not get anything.

False-negative Coronavirus tests

Given that the situation in the world regarding corona is dire and worrying, many countries require a negative test for Coronavirus when entering the country.

In addition, vaccination certificates are also falsified, so it is vital to be very careful. That is the reason why scammers open websites to sell their customer’s fake negative tests for Covid-19 at a “better price”. Don’t let them fool you.ž

The Bottom Line

Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic is still very current, and unfortunately, it is taking more and more victims. That is why it is terrifying that many fraudsters take advantage of this horrible situation and fear in people to entice them to buy their fake anti-virus products.

To not fall into their trap and become their victim, it is imperative to recognize a scam site and a fake company on the Internet because prevention is the best protection from cybercriminals.

Be distrustful, don’t click anywhere; check every online source asking for private information or money. The Internet is full of scams.