Is DST a good investment?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” DST, formally known as Digital Security Technologies, Inc., operates a proprietary trading business specializing in global markets and commodities. They have a market capitalization of around $9.3 million, with their stock trading at $0.10/share, which has not changed much over the last month compared to the US Dollar.

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Reasons DST is a good investment

Below are some reasons why it is worth investing in DST

  1. Their best-selling product is their secure mobile solution

Secure Mobile Solution (SMS)

DST’s main business driver is SMS, which has several features that make it popular in the marketplace. It can encrypt voice, video, and messaging data on the handset itself so hackers won’t be able to tap into these conversations when they are transmitted. Furthermore, it comes with a secure cloud storage solution partnered with Amazon Web Services’ EC2 service. It provides a fast and scalable architecture for its clients. It also gives them the ability to expand quickly as needed.

DST’s SMS can be used on existing devices without making hardware replacements or changes. In addition to this, it comes with a variety of price points and payment plans that make it attractive to consumers. The company is projecting substantial sales growth for their devices over the next three years and believes they can capture up to eight percent of the global market (currently at 0.9%) in this time frame.

  1. DST’s Forethought subsidiary is working with the NSA

DST has a strong board of directors and management team that is positioning them well to be profitable in the future. One notable name on their board is George Hoyem, who operates as DST’s Executive Chairman and serves on both the Board of Directors for Chimerix, Inc – a NASDAQ-listed company – and is a Venture Partner at Morgenthaler Ventures.

  1. DST has a war chest of $4.74 million in the treasury

DST currently has $4.74 million in its bank account, which is more than enough to cover its existing liabilities and fund its operations into 2016. For investors looking for companies with solid cash balances, DST’s figures are impressive compared to most other penny stocks on the OTC market.

  1. DST is working on expanding their product line

As mentioned above, DST has a scalable architecture that makes it easy to roll out new products and services as needed by their clients. They are now focused on creating several mobile devices that can be used by government officials and business executives who need secure communication. For example, they want to make a new hardware device that will allow communication through signals and not the voice, which other parties can intercept.


DST has several strong points that make it an attractive investment. First, they have a solid product line in demand in the marketplace; second, they have a strong management team.

And thirdly, they are working with the NSA through their Forethought subsidiary; and finally, it has $4.74 million cash in the bank, which is enough for them to meet all their current obligations.

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