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Today’s most important investment banking trends


Apps get used by over 10,000 bankers in 25 countries to manage their contacts, pitches, and deals. We’ve had a front-row seat to some of the world’s most high-performing teams, and we’ve seen firsthand how technology can provide them a competitive advantage over their competitors. The following are the current top trends in investment banking:

  • Hacking growth using first-party data

Many investment banks begin their technological journey early on, according to Joseph Stone Capital. When a firm has a small group of corporate finance and M&A managing directors sourcing business, it begins to receive thousands of looks every year at potential deals. Keeping track of all of these ties and companies becomes a task. The amount to which the company tracks all of its financial information becomes a competitive lever for entry into and dominance of specific industries, sectors, and specialized markets.

  • Using your network to find new business opportunities

Investment banks collect a wealth of proprietary first-party data on relationships, company financials, target industries, deal multiples, estimated bid ranges, and other topics. Firms then use these data points to generate insights and inform top-line growth strategies through thorough research, according to Joseph Stone Capital. While operating partners and senior managing directors may disagree about the relative worth of these datasets and how effective they are in assigning staffing placements or extracting maximum deal value, there are a variety of approaches to assess the size and involvement of an investment bank’s network.

  • The size of big data is growing.

With good cause, many of our clients have started their digital transformation programs with data lake or master data management (MDM) architecture on the roadmap. When an investment bank can operationalize data on its major customers and business relationships, the resulting mountain of data provides a rich mining source for uncovering client insights, developing new market strategies, and expanding into new products.

When third-party market data sources get coupled to Salesforce, bankers can identify new opportunities and save significant amounts of time spent doing data entry and keeping it up to date, having first- and second-party data integrated.

  • Companies are becoming more interested in martech.

Many of the companies we work with see 2020 as a pivotal year for their marketing efforts. COVID’s disruption caused M&A and corporate access professionals to reconsider their strategies. What are the primary risks and opportunities associated with hosting events online and developing digital marketing strategies? Is it possible to securely share information and build relationships on an all-digital platform?

Banks can collect far more data about client and prospect engagement by utilizing intelligent marketing automation tools to distribute high-value content pieces to their audiences, including a better understanding of who is actively engaging with them on social media, webinars, and analyst calls, among other things. For example, event engagement data from MeetMax, CVent, and Zoom is layered into Salesforce so that a banker can quickly and easily access 360-degree relationship insights; it’s easy to imagine a future where the research reports that a private equity dealmaker reads are nearly as indicative of interest as the good old-fashioned call notes that the banker might record.

Bitcoin ATMs Coming to a Spot Near You!


Most people associate ATMs with depositing cash or checks or withdrawing cash. You may be excused for cocking your head when you first hear “Bitcoin ATM.” The first inquiry is generally “How?” After that, people commonly ask, “Where can I find Bitcoin ATMs near me?”  Unlike typical ATMs, bitcoin ATMs allows customers like you to purchase and sell bitcoin for cash.

Besides Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptobase ATMs accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) (LTC). Some Cryptobase ATMs only purchase or sell crypto. Others support both. When you search for bitcoin ATMs near me, you can find out what the bitcoin ATM near you allows.

How Many Bitcoin ATMs Near Me?

The number of crypto ATMs is increasing in lockstep with consumer interest in crypto. The world’s first crypto ATM was installed on Oct. 29, 2013, inside a coffee shop in Vancouver, Canada. The first Bitcoin ATM in the US was established in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on February 18, 2014. Albuquerque residents only had to search for bitcoin ATMs near me in order to discover it was right around the corner!

Almost 36,000 crypto ATMs were operational in early 2022. Five years ago, there were just 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs. The number of crypto ATMs in the US increased by 177% in 2020. Today, almost 75% of crypto ATMs are situated in North America.

What Are Crypto ATMs?

Crypto ATMs link to a mobile crypto wallet rather than a bank account. The machine is internet-connected to calculate currency rates and conduct real-time transactions.

The Cryptobase ATM requires a smartphone or other connected mobile device with the Cryptobase Wallet software installed. Here is a list of Cryptobase Bitcoin machines.

Using a Crypto ATM

Before using the ATM, make sure your wallet can show the QR code needed to request the bitcoin you want. Preparation is key.

Once the wallet is set up and the QR code is obtained, you may find a nearby crypto ATM and purchase and sell crypto.

Step-by-Step Crypto ATM Use

  1. To use a crypto ATM, simply click “Buy Coins” and input your phone number.
  2. You should get a verification code through text message shortly. Please enter the code.
  3. Set a four-digit passcode for each Cryptobase ATM visit.
  4. Follow the steps to purchase or sell Bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies listed above.

Buying crypto requires cash. Amount displayed when each bill is added. You may either scan a QR code or manually input your wallet address.

You may also buy crypto at Cryptobase ATMs. To do so, scan a driver’s license. (ID required for transactions exceeding $1,000.) A paper wallet will be your receipt.

The transaction should post quickly. However, Bitcoin purchases might take up to an hour to appear in your crypto wallet.

When selling crypto for tiny amounts, the cash is dispensed promptly. Large transactions might take up to 10 minutes to confirm. You’ll get a text message with a redemption code when your cash is available. Return to the ATM and choose “Redeem.” Receipt of the redemption code

Note that any transaction costs will be added to the total. Send the exact amount stated on the screen, including fees, when selling bitcoin.

Where Can I Find Bitcoin ATMs?

With approximately 36,000 sites and lots of internet tools, finding a crypto ATM near you is becoming more simple.

Currently, over 150 Cryptobase ATMs exist across the US. There is almost certainly one coming to your hometown soon!

How to Deal With Trauma from Sexual Assault


There is a rapid rise in cases of sexual assault. In California there is even a Sacramento diocese list of accused priests. What does this mean? This means that we are not safe in the hands of anyone. This has affected the mental and psychological health of most victims. It has also affected those who saw the assault happening. It is therefore important for you to learn ways you can deal with sexual assault trauma. The exciting news is that there are simple ways to ensure that you are healthy and stress free. The following article will equip you with just that.

Go For Healthy Food Always

You can live healthy by always choosing healthy food over processed food. Also, make certain that you eat a balanced diet for every meal. A healthy diet is essential for good health and nutrition. Once you devote your life to eating healthy, you will be strong enough to overcome trauma, depression and any other psychological problem. Include lots of vegetables, whole grains, lean sources of proteins, fruits, and strictly avoid artificial sweeteners.

Never Skip Breakfast

Most people dealing with trauma are fond of skipping meals. Unfortunately, they are doing more harm to their bodies than good by doing so. You have to exercise and always eat a healthy balanced diet. Also, ensure that you always have a healthy breakfast since it keeps you fueled through the day. An added advantage of eating breakfast is that it helps maintain stable blood sugar levels in your body. Which will help you avoid diseases like blood pressure and diabetes.


Exercise is very important in your recovery journey. However, most people are either too lazy to exercise or do not have the motivation. Exercising does not have to be boring. You can choose to exercise with a friend or with your music on. Also, thanks to technology, you can find videos on YouTube that will help to boost your motivation.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of enough sleep has a great negative impact on your health. To stay healthy, ensure that you get enough sleep every day. Enough sleep helps to improve your mood, concentration, and memory and keeps cardiovascular healthy. Note, sleep allows your mind and body to recharge. This enables you to stay alert.

Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is very important to fight trauma. Set your goals straight and have a positive mindset as you work towards your goals. This will help you push yourself to your fullest potential. Whenever you feel low, find something that reminds you of why you your recovery journey started in the first place.


Of course, you cannot fight trauma if you do not have peace of mind and heart. Ensure that you are always stress-free. Also, remember to always be kind to your body. If something is not working out for you, leave it. Surround yourself with people who motivate you to be the best version of yourself and give you all the support you need.

Real Estate Investments in Dallas


Investing in Dallas Real Estate can be a big thing for most people. If you are one of them, you probably want to make sure that you find great investment deals without spending too much time on them.

If you are considering Dallas real estate investments, there are a few things that you should know.

How to Invest in Dallas Real Estate

The Dallas real estate market is booming. The population is growing, the economy is thriving, and people want to participate. There has never been a better time to invest in Dallas real estate. Here are some tips on how to invest in Dallas real estate:

Research the Area

Before purchasing it, you need to know as much about the property and the neighborhood as possible.

Pay attention to surrounding schools, crime rates, employment opportunities, average home prices, and future development plans when considering a location for investment real estate.

Many websites allow you to look up information on individual homes and neighborhoods to feel for an area before buying there.

If you plan to turn an investment property into a rental, find out what other rental properties are available in the area. You will want to price your property accordingly so that it rents quickly without losing money every month.

Assess Your Financial Situation

The second step to access Dallas real estate investments is to assess your financial situation. If you have a good credit score, you will likely to get a loan with favorable terms and at an attractive interest rate.

Take a look at your monthly payments for housing, car loans, utilities, school loans, and other expenses that eat into your savings.

You will want to make sure you regularly save up money for the down payment and closing costs on your investment property.

Also, you will also need cash reserves for property maintenance costs in case of emergency repairs or if the property sits vacant for an extended period before you can find new tenants.

Look for a Realtor

It is always a good idea to have a professional by your side when making such an important decision. Realtors also have connections to other professionals who can help you with your transactions and needs. You can find a realtor by searching online.

Find a Mortgage Lender

Like you need an agent, it helps if you have someone who can help you with mortgages and other loans. You do not have to take on the entire loan yourself, especially if you have a limited budget.

Mortgage lenders know the ins and outs of the business and can give you advice on what loans would work best for you.

In Summary 

Dallas is a highly active market with various investment properties and home buyers at multiple levels. The best option will likely depend on your needs and what you are looking for in a rental property.

What’s more, many investors have their preferences as well. In other words, do not be afraid to try out multiple options if you can. There is no guarantee that one particular option won’t have a property that strikes your fancy.

Top 5 Online Stock Market Courses You Should Try


Investments are of high value in the world that we live in today. Not only do they guarantee you financial independence, but also give you a fair understanding of what’s happening in the market. Hence, it is important that you invest your money in the right avenues. The stock market is one such excellent place. Investing in stock markets is like a secondary source of income. But how do you invest in them? It is important to do a thorough course on each.


A global platform that offers teaching and learning of new skills, Udemy is perfect for those who want to learn about the stock market. With 65+ languages and a wide range of tutors, it has multiple stock market courses that are free as well as paid. Depending on the rating of this course, students are free to filter this course on Udemy as well. As Udemy happens to be a global platform, it has thousands of courses available. So one has to do proper research before choosing the right course, otherwise, it could be a waste of their money.


A popular online learning platform that has a tie-up with 200+ leading companies and universities that provide affordable, flexible, and relevant jobs online to organizations and individuals across the world. Coursera also offers degrees and online courses to leading companies and universities. It has a plethora of management as well as stock market courses you will like. However, the cost can go from 1000 to a lakh approximately.


An online learning community, skillshare offers courses that are taught by working professionals as well as industry leaders. The course of this content is broken down into short chapters and also includes hands-on projects. Skillshare is available for everyone to join and is easy to discover as well. It has a wide range of courses that offer you immense & diverse knowledge of the share market. The best part about Skillshare is that they offer you a free 2-month trial as well. So make sure you check out their content and platform carefully before investing.

Wall Street Courses

Wall street school has recently been recognized as a trusted training entity in the analytical and finance domain. The school provides you with corporate training online. The school also has a comprehensive range of courses in stock markets courses. It is also an expert in valuation, investment banking courses, financial modeling, etc. The training program also empowers traders and investors to practice training as well.

Smart Money

Smart Money by Angel One offers free stock market courses which can help you widen your horizons about investing, trading as well as personal finance. They offer specific models and courses for beginners, traders and investors. Most of their courses come with engaging videos and audio podcasts which help in understanding the depths of share market while keeping the entire learning process immersive and interesting.

We all know that currency plays a valuable role in our society. People who have good savings are able to walk tall with their heads held high. Good stock market courses will provide you with all the necessary information so that you can save for your future and assure good health and well-being in the long run.

Credit Cards Introduced to Lebanon Thanks to Marwan Kheireddine of AM Bank 


Marwan Kheireddine has always felt a strong connection to Lebanon. Following a vacation to America, where credit card usage is ubiquitous, Marwan Kheireddine was motivated to bring credit cards to Lebanon. At the time in Lebanon, there were no credit cards; not a single financial institution offered one, says AM Bank chairman and CEO Marwan Kheireddine.

Because it was a completely untouched market, Marwan Kheireddine recognized the opportunity to bring something valuable to the people of Lebanon. He subsequently set about adopting credit cards in and around Beirut.

“I was the first bank in Lebanon and the sole bank to offer credit cards for nearly five years,” he recalls. “I had 100% market share for the first five years, but now my credit card market share is multiples of my finance related market share. That makes me proud,” Kheireddine says.

Marwan Kheireddine returned to Lebanon in 1993 after earning a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University, where his father was chairman. Marwan Kheireddine got a BBA in accounting and finance from Richmond, The American International University in London. Kheireddine’s principal aim remains education. From 1993 until 2013, he taught finance at the American University of Beirut, and he never stopped learning. “A BA and an MBA aren’t enough,” Marwan Kheireddine argues. You lose any degree you earn in five years if you don’t keep feeding and strengthening your brain.”

Marwan Kheireddine researched Citibank and the good influence that credit cards had on it in the 1970s and 1980s. He sought to bring Mastercard to Beirut, which he eventually did.

He contacted Michael Milken, a former Citibank vice chairman. Milken, Kheireddine’s former professor, set up a life-changing phone conversation, and AM Bank was promptly approved to sell Mastercard in Lebanon. Thanks to the efforts of Marwan Kheireddine, AM Bank was also the first bank in Lebanon to provide phone banking.

Kheireddine adds that banks were only operational four hours a day out of 24 hours. “All banks in Lebanon followed our lead after we were the first to remain open till 5 p.m. We also introduced phone banking using an app to do most of the banking online.”

Marwan Kheireddine believes consistently developing new products and services can sometimes jolt the market to move in a positive way. “We’re still making credit cards,” he says. “There are several programs our customers can choose from; some with no interest, some with greater interest, some with annual fees, etc. So we invent and create. If we require third-party providers, our capacity to sell a fresh idea is usually constrained. So we developed a new credit card scheme. This slows us if we require a physical plastic card. Otherwise, we can deploy in two or three days if we need it.”

The financial genius is certain that his team will provide a unique banking experience to his clientele. “We are a highly active and adaptable bank,” Kheireddine continues. “The skill pool is outstanding, and the vast majority of them have worked for multinational banks, audit companies, or international consulting organizations.” Kheireddine is happy to give AM Bank clients excellent customer care with easy access to top management. “I’m probably the only bank in Lebanon and the Middle East with a flat organization structure,” he claims. “The least senior employee is one tier below the CEO.”

AM Bank has grown steadily since its foundation in 1980. In every transaction, AM Bank exemplifies Kheireddine can-do attitude, solid communication, and honesty. The visionary banker owes the bank’s growth to its innovative culture. “We’re all upbeat and focused on providing the greatest possible service to our clients,” he says. “That’s what allowed me to go from a $30 million bank in 1992 to a $2.3 billion bank today.”

What Are The Benefits Of A Slick Cash Loan?


A cash loan is becoming one of the best options to reduce emergency cash. During an emergency, people can take help from emergency loans as they are very efficient they are beneficial for people searching for money instantly. Below are the advantages for which people can get help from the cash loan service providers like the Slick Cash Loan and get effective services.

·       Flexible Repayment Facility

When you get help from a cash loan, you will be able to get an instant cash repayment facility. You will get maximum time to repay the loan, and it will be beneficial for you to reduce the cash emergency. So, this will be the main reason why most people take help from the cash loan, and it is very effective for them also.

·       Helps To Minimize Cash Emergency

When you take help from the cash loan, you will be able to get an instant cash loan. So, always have to be sure that you are taking help from the cash loan when you need instant cash in your hand. It will help you minimize the loan, and it will benefit you. It will help you get the money in your hand, and it will be very efficient for you also.

·       Time-Saving Facility

When you take help from a cash loan, you will be able to get money instantly. So, time consumption will be less, and you will be able to get a loan faster. So, whenever you are searching for time-saving options, you will be able to get one of the most efficient ways to get help from cash loans. They are very effective and efficient for you in any scenario.

·       Low-Interest Rate

When you take help from the cash loan, you will be able to get a meager cash loan. So, always, you need to take help from cash loans, and they are accommodating for you to get efficient results. The interest rate is relatively low, and you will be able to get the maximum results from them also.

·       Avoid Paperwork

When you take help from the cash loan, you will be able to get an instant cash loan, and you will be able to avoid the cash loan, and it will be a very effective one for you. You can also avoid the paperwork, and it will be very efficient for you in any situation. So, when you are searching for one of the best assistance regarding cash loans, it will be a convenient option for you.


Here are the most effective benefits you can get from the end of the cash loan. You can get assistance from the cash loan and get one of the essential benefits. So, if you are searching for an instant loan option, you can also go for the slick cash loan, which is very beneficial for you.

AIG Global Real Estate Expands Multifamily Portfolio to Salt Lake City in Joint Venture with RedHill Realty Investors

AIG Global Real Estate Expands Multifamily Portfolio to Salt Lake City in Joint Venture with RedHill Realty Investors

AIG Global Real Estate, the global real estate equity investment manager of American International Group, Inc. (NYSE: AIG), today announced the formation of a strategic joint venture with RedHill Realty Investors, a privately held real estate company headquartered in San Diego, to acquire River Oaks Apartments & Suites, a 180-unit, garden-style apartment and extended stay community in Salt Lake City, UT.

Originally constructed in 1999 and situated in the high-growth and high-barrier to entry market of Salt Lake Valley in West Jordan, the third largest city in Utah and a major suburb of Salt Lake City, River Oaks consists of 5 three-story exterior corridor walk-up buildings and one four-story extended stay building on 7.26 acres. The transaction represents a compelling opportunity to add significant value by converting the extended stay units to traditional unit rentals to lower structural vacancy and expenses and renovating a portion of the existing classic units, the common areas and amenity spaces.

“Investors and tenants alike are attracted to Salt Lake City for its diverse economy and affordable and attractive lifestyle,” said Mark Hertz of AIG Global Real Estate. “Due to significant in-migration from higher cost coasal markets, the greater Salt Lake City multifamily market has experienced strong demand and rental growth throughout 2021 and we anticipate this expansion will continue. We thank RedHill for their partnership in this venture and look forward to our continued work together.”

“Salt Lake City and Utah both continue to be ranked among the top cities and states in terms of economic, employment and population growth,” said President and COO of RedHill Realty Investors David Jensen. “We are pleased to expand our multifamily portfolio in such an expansive and thriving region of the US in partnership with AIG Global Real Estate.”

In Retail, Everything Is Great. And Getting Worse

In Retail, Everything Is Great. And Getting Worse

I have spent the last two days at a conference called Shoptalk. For the last several years, Shoptalk is where the retail and consumer industries gather to exchange ideas and see which technologies and trends are taking hold.

Most companies here are reporting great results. The consumer is eager to get out and spend. Fashion brands especially, which were getting less consumer attention for the last few years, have been growing in double-digits as consumers get tired of the athleisure they’ve been wearing for the last two years. Jewelry has been very strong and beauty has been super strong. Based on past performance, everything is fantastic and the outlook should be even stronger.

But the expectations here, the chatter, is that the past is not the future. Brand after brand, when I sit and talk with them, tell me that March numbers are going to come in much weaker than January or February. They are saying that the buoyant consumer, the driver of the U.S. economy, is losing their spending moxie.

Reports are also that younger consumers are getting squeezed by the payment on their buy-now-pay-later commitments. It is keeping them from spending more.

No one can say whether it’s Ukraine or inflation or pandemic fatigue and right now there’s no data to back up the concern. And maybe the concern is misplaced. But I am hearing it from so many places, it would be surprising if the March and April data, when it’s released, is as good as other recent months.

Of course it’s right to say that retail is seasonal and what matters is year-over-year. But if the year-over-year is much lower in March and April than it was in January and February, then something not good is happening in the economy.

The Good News

It’s not all bad here and that’s because of inflation. Inflation has given brands and retailers whose margins have been squeezed for a long time the opportunity to increase prices and support margins.

Inflation is self-accelerating. It causes consumers to believe they should spend today because what they want will only cost more tomorrow. That causes prices to rise even faster and the increases get bigger and bigger and happen faster and faster over time and the rate of inflation grows and grows, just as we are now seeing. It takes a force in the market to stop it, it tends not to happen on its own.

When inflation was last out of control in the 1980s, the federal reserve had to inflict serious pain on the economy to bring it down. If the Fed has to do that again now, unemployment and general suffering will be severely increased.

The anecdotal reporting is that consumers are starting to push back, that they are resisting price increases, especially on discretionary items and especially in luxury. If that anecdotal evidence turns out to be supported by the March and April data when it comes out, it might mean that the Fed doesn’t have to act so dramatically and that inflation is not as great a threat as it was 40 years ago to long-term prosperity.

To be clear, none of this pessimism is based on hard data, it’s too early for that. When the March data and then Apriil data is released, it will be more certain, one way or the other. But based on the consistency of the reporting I’m getting, it looks like the last 10 months of 2022 will look very different than the first two months have. Time will tell.

Robinhood adds four additional hours to extended trading for clients

Robinhood adds four additional hours to extended trading for clients
  • Robinhood said Tuesday it now provides trading from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.
  • Until Tuesday, Robinhood offered trading 30 minutes before the open and two hours after the close.
  • “Our customers often tell us they’re working or preoccupied during regular market hours, limiting their ability to invest on their own schedule or evaluate and react to important market news,” Robinhood said in a blog post Tuesday.

As some Robinhood clients head back to the office following the pandemic, the stock trading app — which has experienced a slowdown in volume this year — is now offering extra hours in the morning and evening for its investors.

Robinhood said Tuesday it is adding four extra hours to the trading day. In a push to eventually provide 24/7 equities trading, Robinhood said it will be available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.

Until Tuesday, Robinhood offered trading 30 minutes before the open and two hours after the close.

The U.S. stock market opens at 9:30 a.m. ET and closes at 4:00 p.m. ET as part of its regular session. Extended trading is allowed as early as 4 a.m. and goes as late as 8 p.m. and some electronic brokers do offer that extended access.

“Our customers often tell us they’re working or preoccupied during regular market hours, limiting their ability to invest on their own schedule or evaluate and react to important market news,” Robinhood said in a blog post Tuesday. “Our new extended trading hours for equities will give them more opportunities to manage their portfolio at a convenient time for them, whether that’s in the early morning or in the evening.”


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