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Taking advantage of others and exploiting them is not very uncommon. It has been happening for years and is considered a part of human nature. There will always be someone who will try to one up others in one way or another. We have been reading about the different frauds and scams that have taken place over the years and they still continue to happen. The only thing that has changed are the mediums and tools that are used by criminals. Monetary gain is the center of most of the scams that happen and even though the world has progressed over the years and technology has advanced, these scams still exist.

It is normal to assume that such advancement could actually eradicate these scams and frauds, but the only thing that has happened is that it has provided criminals with new avenues to explore. The advent of the internet has brought about cybercriminals who use technology for achieving their goals i.e. exploiting as many people as possible. There are pros and cons of everything and this appears to be a downside of technology. The biggest issue with this advancement and the internet is that it is incredibly easy for these scammers and fraudsters to get away with what they are doing.

They are provided with literally millions of opportunities to scam and can target people from all over the globe because the internet doesn’t come with geographical boundaries. Moreover, technology has provided them with the tools they need to hide their true identity quite well, so it has become more difficult than ever for people to be able to identify a fraud or a scam. Of course, some of them will be very obvious and you can avoid them with ease, but there are some sophisticated ones as well that can often be hard to spot and you have to learn the reality the hard way.

There are a plethora of scams that can happen online and you have probably read about them at some point or another. There are lottery frauds, online dating scams, binary options and forex trading scams, cryptocurrency scams, tax litigation scam and debt collection services scam. Plenty of these scams are happening routinely, but the problem is that people don’t have anywhere to turn to after they have suffered through one. Cybercriminals are able to get away with it because it is easy to stay anonymous on the internet and there is no central authority that can catch up with them.

For instance, if you had been a victim of a crime in the physical world, you would have reported it to the police, but who do you tell when you have been scammed online? Since there aren’t any appropriate authorities, people are left floundering and a lot of them feel embarrassed for being fooled. Their self-confidence is shaken because they consider themselves stupid for falling for a scam and it can even push them to do something rash. In such situations, they would be ready to do anything that gave them even the slightest hope of getting back their money and dignity.

This is the purpose of scam recovery services that can be found online these days. Yes, you read it right; these are services that are established for the primary purpose of helping people in getting their money back from scammers. Are they legitimate? Not all of them and this is a big problem. Scammers have figured this out to be another opportunity to exploit people. They are aware that victims will be desperate to get assistance and will be ready to grasp at straws if they are offered the slightest glimmer of opportunity to recover their lost monies.

Therefore, they set up fraudulent companies claiming to offer scam recovery services, but in reality, they are just looking to exploit scam victims. If you have fallen for any kind of online scam and are now seeking help, you have to proceed extremely cautiously. It is essential to remember that nothing can be taken at face value because cybercriminals have gotten very sophisticated and smart and are able to manipulate quite convincingly. After all, this is how you ended up getting scammed in the first place and you definitely wouldn’t want to repeat that experience.

But, how do you make sure it doesn’t happen? The best way to do so is to ask some questions about the company you are planning on using. You can use the answers of the questions to come to a conclusion about their authenticity. This is exactly what you should do in the case of Refund Ltd., one of the scam recovery services that you will find. Founded in 2020, Refund Ltd is actually a law firm that claims to help people in getting their money back from scammers. Their offices are located in Stockholm, Switzerland and as per their websites, they also have offices in some other countries around the globe.

The website appears to be well-designed and seems to offer a lot of information, but is Refund Ltd. authentic? The only way to find out is by asking the necessary questions. What are they? Let’s check them out below:

  • What do they charge?

Cost is one of the most vital factors that needs to be taken into consideration when you are making a decision. The reliability and authenticity of a business goes out the window at this point because if you cannot afford their services, why bother finding out if they are genuine or not. Therefore, you can save yourself a great deal of effort if you first take a look at how much it will cost you to use a scam recovery service. It is a given that you would want the charges to be as low as possible. If they are high, what would be the point of even considering using them?

You will end up paying off most of your recovered funds in fees, so the whole process would be rendered pointless. Hence, your first question should be about the charges you would have to pay to Refund Ltd. It is understood that they will not provide their services for free. You can visit their website to find out their fees and what will you discover? You will find that there is no information provided about costs. Sure, you will come across the offer of booking the first consultation for free, but what about others?

How much will you have to pay? They will require upfront payment for taking your case, but how much will that be? You cannot find the answer. How much commission will they charge when they recover the funds from you? Again, there is no detail provided by Refund Ltd. The only thing you are told is that they have a flexible payment system that determines cost of every case depending on its complexity, but there is no elaboration. They don’t even provide you with a ballpark so there is a possibility that they could blindside you with hefty fees and you would be required to pay.

  • Are they experienced?

As stated above, online scams have become extremely smart and sophisticated over the years, so much so that they are difficult to distinguish. Thus, it is a given that recovering funds that have been lost to any such scams is easier said than done. You don’t have the knowledge or expertise for going about it and this is where scam recovery services can be helpful. But, to do it right, they also need to have the right knowledge and skills. If they are experienced, it reduces the chances of any mistakes.

It is understood that every company is going to tout their services and claim to deliver quality, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t follow through. You need to take a look at the numbers and see if they match up and make sure the company can offer you evidence for their experience. You have already been scammed once and you definitely don’t want to repeat the experience. Refund Ltd., like others, also claims to have experience, but the fact is that they haven’t been around for that long.

They have added some numbers on their website about the number of cases they have handled, the applications they have received, and the amount they have recovered and so on. The issue is that these figures don’t really add up. Considering that Refund Ltd is a relatively new service, they cannot have achieved all that they are claiming and this is undoubtedly alarming because they should be honest with their clients.

  • Do they have any reviews?

Nowadays, it would be very foolish of people to make a decision about using a product or service without reading its reviews first. As stated above, every company will claim to be the best at what they do and it is the reviews that can tell you whether they actually deliver on these claims or are just making false promises. This is because they are provided by people who have personally tried and tested their service and so, they can share their experience and help you in making a better decision. When you want to know more about Refund Ltd., you should definitely check their reviews.

You will come across a variety of their customer testimonials on their website that you can go through. Once you start going through them, you will begin to notice that all reviews appear to be quite similar. Of course, they are all praising the company and its services for giving them hope and helping them recover their funds. But, you will notice that they don’t really offer much detail about how Refund Ltd. actually accomplished this. Isn’t that what you need to know?

Fake and paid reviews also exist on the internet, so you have to be careful. The reviews that you will come across on Refund Ltd.’s website seem to be fake because they only carry the names of clients and no other details about them. These could be made up people; it is not very difficult to come up with names and use them for writing reviews. In addition, it seems that the reviews were copied from somewhere else because some of them have mentioned a different company in their content. They are not talking about the services provided by Refund Ltd and discussing a different service altogether.

Why would a company need fake and copied reviews if it is legitimate? This is something you will be forced to wonder.

  • What kind of support is available?

No matter what business it is, you need to know what kind of support they will offer to you because you could have some questions and concerns at any point. Support becomes even more important when you are using a scam recovery service because you want to be able to get in touch with whoever is handling your case to discuss the progress. Likewise, you may want to communicate something you may have forgotten about, or have some other queries. Regardless, you need assistance and it should be provided to you.

Any good scam recovery service would oblige and it appears that Refund Ltd. has also done that. They have given various email address on their website and phone numbers that can be used by clients for contacting their agents whenever they need help. The trouble is that when you actually use these channels, then you realize that there is no such support available. The numbers provided on the website don’t work and there is no one to attend your calls. Similarly, you can send them an email, but you will not receive any response, which is highly disappointing.

You will also find a chat option on the Refund Ltd. website, but you will be talking to a bot and not an actual person, so you are not going to get much help.

The answers to these questions indicate that Refund Ltd. is not a company you can trust and should avoid them at all costs. Learn more about fund recovery scams here.

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