Review of ADSS – features, account types, user experience, and fees

ADSS (of ADS Securities) is a broker with a focus on the MENA region. Based in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, the brokerage has clients from around the world, including the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. These are the places the broker is licensed as well, and the brokeris well-regulated by the FCA, the SFC, and locally in the UAE, adhering to local laws. In this ADSS review, we look at some of the broker’s features and account types and tiers.

The ideal client for ADSS

ADSS takes on clients across skill level and investment needs. Therefore, it is not possible to say there is an ‘ideal client’ that the broker prefers to have. Though generally, the investors who seek ADSS’s services are those who are looking for a wide range of instruments with a high degree of security. ADSS satisfies both criteria well, with around 60 currency pairs and over 2,000 CFDs in indices, crypto, commodities, and equities available for trading.

Features of ADSS – an overview

ADSS offers a wide range of products, including forex trading, CFD trading, and spread betting. This is most apparent when one enters the website and opens an account to begin trading. The broker offers instruments from global marketplaces. These include well-known indices on the Nasdaq, the FTSE, the NYSE, and more. They also offer major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, single stocks such as Tesla, Netflix, and Amazon, and commodities ranging from metals to energy like crude oil.

Account types offered by ADSS

ADSS is an international broker, and its account offerings reflect this quality. Accounts are sorted by geography, depending on where clients are from and based. There are four main account-opening regions that ADSS offers: MENA, Greater China and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and UK/Europe. Features and accessibility varied slightly depending on which account their clients held. Fee structures are also closely tied to account locality, as well as the account type available. No commissions are charged for trades executed unless mentioned.


MENA traders who want towork with ADSS can open one of the three types of accounts on offer: a Classic account, an Elite account, and a Swap-Free account. Traders can fund their accounts in USD, GBP, or EUR, and they can access leverage of up to 500:1 when trading, depending on the type of instruments they trade and the size of the trade.

The three accounts on offer differ most significantly in their minimum deposit requirements. Classic accounts can be opened with 500 USD, Elite accounts with 100,000 USD, and swap-free accounts with 500 USD. Spreads also vary, with Classic account spreads starting at 1.6, Elite account spreads starting at 0.8, and swap-free account spreads starting at 2.1.

Greater China and Taiwan

Traders who open accounts while based in the Greater China and Taiwan region have the option to open a Standard account or an ECN/Advance trader account. They can fund their account in USD and access leverage of up to 500:1 when trading. Standard accounts start with minimum deposits of $100, while ECN/Advance trader account starts with a minimum deposit of $15,000.The starting spreads for Standard accounts are 1.6, while for ECN accounts, spreads start at 0.3.

Southeast Asia

Traders in Southeast Asia who wish to participate in trading with ADSS can do so with three types of accounts: Standard, ECN/Advance trader, and swap-free. Again, they can fund their account in USD and access leverage of up to 500:1 when trading. Standard accounts start at $100, swap-free at $500, and ECN/Advance at $15,000. Only ECN/Advance traders have to pay commission on their trades.


Finally, traders in the UK and continental Europe can become clients with ADSS by opening one of two accounts: a retail account or a professional account. Currencies accepted in these accounts include USD, GBP, and EUR. Standard traders can access leverage of up to 30:1, while professional traders can access leverage of up to 500:1. There is no minimum deposit for either account type.

Demo account offered by ADSS

Regardless of location, one thing that all traders with ADSS can access is a free MT4 demo account. ADSS offers demo accounts to all those who sign up to the broker and does not require funding for traders who want to take their platforms on a test drive. A risk-free experience, ADSS traders can practise trading CFDs on equities, commodities, indices, currencies, and more with leverage.

Traders can start trading on the ADSS demo account with 50,000 USD virtual funds on the MT4 platform. They can experience live spreads and prices on a wide range of markets globally, and they can trade on their demo account at their desk on desktop, or while on the go on their mobile devices or tablets. Traders can also access free guides on how to the MetaTrader platform.


ADSS is overall a trustworthy and reputable broker. It has all the necessary licensing equipped to operate in the areas in which they do (in the UAE, in the UK, and in APAC). It also follows local laws where applicable. With multiple account types that each has its own fee structure, traders may find it more useful to compare account types and tiers before settling on one.

To do this, they can consider their preferred trading instruments, strategies, use of leverage, and risk appetite. ADSS is a reliable and popular broker in the MENA region, but traders should ensure they do thorough research before trading, as there is risk involved in trading the financial markets regardless of the broker they work with.

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