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Solid Marketz Review – Top Features of this Reliable Online Trading Platform

Online trading has become very popular in the last couple of years and more and more people have been joining this particular bandwagon lately. Although it is true that there is a lot of money here to be made, it is very important that you do your due diligence first before jumping into this industry. A pivotal part of this due diligence is selecting the best possible online trading platform that can help you in your trading journey regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert trader.

There happen to be numerous online brokers available but majority of them are not reliable and you as a trader might end up getting scammed. Therefore, you should only register with a highly reliable online trading platform. To that end, I would recommend that you consider Solid Marketz. I found them to be trustworthy, efficient and very secure.  So read on to learn in detail about the most prominent features of this Solid Marketz online trading platform that make it a leader in the financial world.

Broker Solid Marketz
Trading Type CFD
Trading Platform MetaTrader 4
Platform Availability Mobile, Desktop, Web
Spreads As low as 0.1pip
Customer Support 24/5
Account Types Beginner, Intermediate, Expert
Minimum Deposit 250 EUR
Online Academy Yes
Payment Methods Debit/Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, Third Party Payments
Segregated Funds Yes

Multiple Types of Trading Accounts

If you already have some experience in online trading, you would know that having the availability of just one trading account is a considerable obstacle in your trading journey. Unfortunately, most of the online trading firms operating currently only let their users register for a single trading account. That puts the novice traders and the experienced traders in the same pool. As a result, they are not able to start trading as per their investment budget and other preferences.

Solid Marketz is well aware of this issue and offers multiple types of trading accounts to all traders interested in using its platform. To be more precise, they offer 3 different types of trading accounts to its users- beginner, intermediate and expert. The beginner account is ideal for all newbie traders who have a limited budget and no trading experience. You can register for a beginner account for just 250 dollars and gain access to all the best trading tools that Solid Marketz has to offer.

On the other hand, if you have sufficient experience in online trading and have considerable investment to boot, I would strongly recommend to opt for an intermediate or an expert trading account. Although the investment required to sign up for these accounts is more (5000 dollars and 20000 dollars respectively), you will have the privilege of receiving some extra features. These include dedicated account manager, 1-1 sessions with trading experts etc. The intermediate and expert trading accounts allow online traders to grow their portfolio quickly by investing in as many assets as possible.

Therefore, the availability of multiple trading accounts allows you to opt for the one that is best for your situation.

A Number of Trading Instruments

One of the aspects I admired most about Solid Marketz is that it supports several trading options on its platform. Whether you want to trade in indices, cryptocurrency, stocks, futures or on the Forex market, you will find all of these options readily available on the Solid Marketz platform. This feature is very convenient to those users who want to invest in multiple assets. They can choose their preferred trading instruments from the same platform instead of exploring other online trading firms. Since there are several trading instruments available, experienced online traders can diversify their portfolio in a short span of time and start reaping profits quickly.

Furthermore, the Solid Marketz’s online academy is a great help if you would like to gather more information on the trading instruments you are interested in investing in. This academy has ample educational resources that you leverage to boost your knowledge and gain smart investment strategies and tips. These resources are a very useful tool especially for novice traders who have little idea on how to start their trading journey. These traders will find everything they are looking for in the online academy and will be in a better position to apply all of that theoretical knowledge practically. Apart from the online academy, you can also consult with your broker regarding any advise or assistance that you require.

Round the Clock Customer Service

Prompt and efficient customer service is vital for an online trading platform. User who are using the platform often need quick solutions to their concerns or problems and rely on the customer service team to resolve their issues. It can be very bothersome for a trader if he or she finds himself in need for urgent assistance and the customer service team takes too long to respond to their emails. I would like to highlight that you will not have to face any such issues with Solid Marketz. I found their customer service representatives to be very professional and knowledgeable. You can reach out to them regarding anything you want. For instance, if you want to know how to use the web trader interface or would like to learn how to use the payment options, you can just ask them and their team will guide you all along.

The best part is that you can get in touch with them round the clock which is very convenient especially if you are in the habit of trading at odd hours. The most common way of communicating with the Solid Marketz customer team is via email and the form available on their website. You just have to fill in your details and one of their people will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. One thing is for certain- you can rest assured that Solid Marketz lives up to the highest standard of customer service and will always be by your side when you trade on their platform.

Withdrawal and Deposit Channels

It is true that online traders are in the need of making frequent transactions whenever they are trading. Money exits and enters their bank account all the time when they are executing different trades. Therefore, it is always useful to have various banking and payment options available so you can select the one that is most convenient to you. Most of the online trading firms provide very limited payment options which can be very annoying for regular traders.

You should know that Solid Marketz provides a number of withdrawal and deposit methods to all its new and experienced traders. You can choose between credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer and several more. Solid Marketz supports Visa and MasterCard as well so can opt for whichever you have. Another great thing about these payment methods is that you can accomplish your transactions in a matter of minutes and simply by pressing a few buttons. There is no need to fill out lengthy forms or go through a complicated payment process which is very irritating especially when you cannot afford much time. Quick transactions is a crucial feature of any efficient online trading platform. You can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy this feature when you make your transactions on their platform.

In addition, with Solid Marketz, you will be receiving notifications of every transaction you make on your email ( this email is the one which you used to register your trading account). This will allow you to keep track of all your transactions and make sure every last cent is accounted for.

Algo Trading Feature

Algo trading (also referred to as automatic trading) is a very useful feature that Solid Marketz offers. As of late, Algo trading has gained a lot of traction the online trading industry.

In case you are not yet aware what it is, Algorithmic trading is the procedure of using computers and automated bots that have been specifically programmed to follow an established set of exact instructions to trade in the online financial domain. These computer algorithms are able to assist you considerably in placing trades to garner benefits at a frequency and speed which is just not possible for a human trader.

With Solid Marketz Algo trading, you can assess and execute several financial indicators at a very swift speed. You cannot make these assessments if you were evaluating everything manually. Since you can analyze and execute your trades with Algo trading at a much quicker pace, you will have better chances of succeeding and making more money quickly.

In addition, when you utilize computers for online trading purposes, there is far less likelihood of making errors that might happen if you were to manually perform the same tasks. Since making mistakes can prove to be very costly when you trade in the live market, the Solid Marketz algo trading feature is a huge advantage for any online trader.

Security and Safety Regulations

There is no denying that safety is one of the biggest concerns of new and seasonal traders when it comes to online trading. This is understandable since online trading platforms are a breeding ground for hackers who try to gain access to the traders’ information. That can have devastating information as your sensitive information might get leaked. Therefore, it is very important that you make sure that you carry out all of your trading activities in a safe and secure bubble. Solid Marketz provides users with such an environment.

Safety of its users’ personal details and trading activities is one of the top priorities of Solid Marketz. You can count on this online trading platform to efficiently safeguard all of your sensitive information and make sure no authorized person or hacker is able to access it. To that end, they have employed the most cutting-edge encryption software in their system. This software keeps all unauthorized personnel and cybercriminals from breaking into their trading database and stealing the data of their various traders. Hypothetically, even if someone does manage to break in, the trader’s data would be meaningless to that person it would be completely encrypted.

Moreover, Solid Marketz makes use of SSL certificates and 2 factor face authorization to further bolster their security measures. Once you register a trading account with them, they will carry out a detailed verification check to confirm your credentials. That makes sure that no one else is able to access your account. All of these features combined provide traders peace of mind that they are trading in a completely secure environment and there is absolutely no risk to their trading investments and personal information.

3rd Party Regulation

Above everything else, there is also a 3rd party regulation agency that is closely monitoring all the transaction between the trader and the online broker. This monitoring ensures that the broker is not able to use your funds unlawfully or for his or her own advantage. The broker needs to strictly comply with all the policies and regulations of Solid Marketz (You can read all of these policies under Terms and Conditions on their official website). If the broker is found to violate any policy or misuse the funds of any trade, he or she stands to have their trading power revoked.

Therefore, you can trust that your broker will act in your best interests and discuss each and everything with you before taking any monumental decision on your behalf. Full transparency within the platform is strongly encouraged by Solid Marketz and every trader and broker is expected to abide by the laid out rules and regulation.

Bottom Line

Solid Marketz is undoubtedly a very innovative online trading platform that you can rely on completely throughout your entire trading journey. The best part is that its features are perfectly catered for all kinds of traders; new ones, experienced individuals, those with a limited budget and wealthy investors. Regardless of which category you fall in, you can succeed in online trading with the help of the platform’s great and useful resources. Solid Martez is also very reliable, secure and you can count on it for the long term. I would highly recommend that you visit their website and register your trading account with them to begin your online trading expedition!

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