Starting a Pharmaceutical Export Business in the US

The pharmaceutical industry is snowballing. Currently, the US is one of the largest pharmaceutical markets worldwide. In 2015, this market recorded a sale of more than $300 billion. Starting your own trading company would sound like a great way of having a share in this profit. This article compels the process of setting up a pharmaceutical export business in the US.

How to Start a Pharmaceutical Export Business in the US

It is vital first to understand the various types of pharmaceuticals to offer before setting up a pharmaceutical business in the US. The best pharmaceuticals to provide are those that align with your target customers’ needs. Also, choosing an area where you are experienced is an added advantage. Some of the commonest pharmaceuticals you can offer include:

– In-vitro diagnostics

– Veterinary drugs

– Controlled substances and medicine

– Pharmaceutical preparations

– Dietary, medicinal, and botanical supplements

Once you determine the type of pharmaceutical your company will deal in, you can start the company using the following easy steps.

Hiring a Business Consultant

This is the very first step to setting up your pharmaceutical business. Having the right person to assist you will lay a good foundation for the business. An experienced business consultant with much knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry will help you examine the overall business concept.

Also, consider evaluating your business’ options. The following three routes can assist you in starting the pharmaceutical distribution company more efficiently. The option you choose determines the business’ goals and the overall budget.

– Starting the business with a manufacturing unit

– Marketing the medicines under a new brand name

– Partnering with a known drug manufacturer

Creating a Business Plan

After determining the type of pharmaceutical business to start, creating a business plan is equally essential. Consider the following tips to create an ideal business plan:

– Research about potential competitors; Studying your potential competitors business models will give you a better idea to come up with something better to offer

– Identify upfront expenses; planning about the business’ needs will add to its excel

– Choose the right equipment; having the right equipment for the pharmaceutical business is vital for the business’ reputation

– Establish roles and responsibilities; having a qualified staff to assist you in running the business is barely inevitable. The right team will relieve you from the stress of managing the business alone

– Conduct SWOT analysis; this is examining the plan’s threats, weaknesses, opportunities, and strengths to give you a glimpse of where to fit in the market

– Verify license requirements; to operate legally, you need to have the necessary licenses for your state.

Establish Your Brand

For the growth of your business, you are obliged to promote your brand right after starting the pharmaceutical exportation company. Building the business will consume much time, work, and resources, but with the right team and equipment to assist, the business will likely flourish in no time.


That is it! Those are the steps used by most pharmaceutical exporters in USA to set up pharmaceutical distribution companies. This business is also a great way of creating relationships with other countries.

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