The Role of Mark Hauser and HAUSER Private Equity

As the world continues its trek toward normalization after more than two years of life during COVID-19, industry leaders like Mark Hauser are being looked to for advice and guidance.

The founder of Hauser Private Equity, and an industry professional with 35+ years of experience, Mark Hauser has unique insights into the private equity industry.

Let’s explore Hauser’s work with Hauser Private Equity while detailing the ins and outs of a career that has set Mark Hauser up for success in the long run.

Unemployment and Private Equity

Understanding the impact of the pandemic, Hauser wasn’t shocked to see unemployment spike to more than 14.8 percent. While employment was down, interest in the private equity market was surging and this meant more action than ever.

Originally founded in 2008, Mark Hauser’s Private Equity fund has since helped dispatch between $200 million and $2 billion in the intervening years since it first opened its doors. Headquartered in Cincinnati with offices in California and Illinois, it is easy to see how Hauser has become such a large name within the industry.

Hauser first entered the field as an investor in private equity before working his way to opening HAUSER, a nationwide advisory firm based out of Cincinnati. Mark Hauser has put his name on the board by focusing on middle and lower market assets by utilizing partnerships through controlled buyout funds.

Prior to his work at Hauser Private Equity, Mark would develop his skills with Reynolds, DeWitt & Co as the VP of the merchant banking firm. Hauser would leave the position behind to purchase in 1985 what would become known as today’s Hauser Group.

Creating a Future to Believe In

Hauser says of his work throughout the pandemic, “90% of your focus should be on the future.”

Described as “persistent” by his friends and family members, Mark Hauser looks to his wife for moral guidance while implementing many of the skills he learned from his formative years in the industry. Most important of all, at least from Mark’s perspective, is the relationship strategy that is taken between client and equity firm.

Hauser says of his work with clients, “The best business relationships are those built on mutual respect and a shared vision.”

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic would strain relationships and put added stress on businesses and investors everywhere, not just those working in the top percent. The pandemic made it abundantly clear that there were more things in life than just work and finances.

For Hauser, escaping the day-to-day of work is best kept for a vacation with family to somewhere with warm water or fresh snow. An avid skier and hiker, Mark Hauser works so that he may spend more time with his family doing the things that make them happy.

In life as in his career in the private equity field, Hauser understands one piece of advice to its core: “Make it about the other person.”

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