Tips for Selling Diamonds You Should Know

Selling your diamonds can be a daunting experience overall. Besides, you are selling some of your most precious belongings. Thus, you will be highly concerned with the place to sell them at a fair price. This article provides a guide on excellent tips for selling your diamonds and, thus, the best deals possible.

Sell Your Diamond Online Only to a Trusted Buyer

While selling diamonds online has become quite popular, more untrustworthy brokers are also coming up. Can I trust the buyers I am selling to online? Usually, the buyer must see the diamond piece first to allow them to evaluate it. Therefore, selling online will call for you to either accept a price before the piece gets evaluated or send it to the buyer and trust that they will assess it fairly. But sending your diamond piece can be risky as this can foster fraud of all kinds. For instance, you will hear people complain that they sent their authentic pieces only for their legit diamond gemstones to be replaced with fake ones and returned. And as if this is not enough, they will return the piece to you with excuses that it is not what they wanted.

You can look for accreditations and reviews online to ensure your buyer is trustworthy. Look for accreditations from institutions like the American Gem Society or GIA. This way, you can sell diamonds and be guaranteed not to fall victim to fraud.

Research The Diamond Buyer

You can save yourself from the hassle of worrying whether your diamond buyer is legit by researching the following things:

Reviews: what do previous clients have to say about the services rendered by your specific buyer? The good thing is that today, you can check for reviews of earlier buyers online on how they rate a specific diamond buyer. You can check the reviews on reputable sites such as Yelp, Facebook and Google. Also, if your diamond buyer has a 4-star rating and above, they will likely be legit.

Word of mouth: getting recommendations from friends or family can be one of the best ways to know whether you can trust a diamond dealer. If your friends had a good experience with a particular dealer, you will likely get the same.

Website: it is always best to check if a website looks professional. Also, check if the staff involves certified jewellers and gemologists. A legit website should also prepare a diamond seller on what to expect during the selling process.

Carry Your Previous Appraisals and Documentation

You should bring all the documentation and appraisals you have for your diamond to ensure you get its worth right. This can include certifications from AGS or GIA labs or the purchase receipt. Having your diamond’s previous appraisal can also be beneficial towards giving the buyer all the details and tools, thus giving the best possible offer.

Work with a Seller, Not a Buyer

While it might seem obvious, there is a significant difference between a jewellery buyer and a jewellery seller. A buyer aims to buy and keep the piece, while a seller seeks to sell it. A seller will know how to evaluate the actual value of your piece, thus giving you a better deal.

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