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Yuan Pay Group Review – Making the Most of Your Trading

The beginning of the 21st century brought about a lot of technological advancement in almost every industry. There have been numerous developments and changes made in different markets and the financial markets are no exception. Not only has online trading become a great global phenomenon, there has also been an introduction of numerous tools and features that have enhanced the entire process. One of the additions that have been made in this space is the introduction of trading robots, which can automate the process significantly, thereby reducing the time and effort required by traders in order to make money.

Since it is a robot that’s doing the work, one that has been programmed especially for this purpose, it is a given that it can do the job with a lot more accuracy and provide you with profitable results. There are some very powerful and efficient trading robots that can be found in the market and they have helped many people in earning an impressive amount of money, while reducing the effort they have had to make. One of the trading robots that you will find in the market is Yuan Pay Group, a proven automated trading system that was primarily developed to be used with the renowned MetaTrader4 trading platform.

You can use the Yuan Pay Group with any ECN/STP broker and it can be a great fit for both intermediate and experienced traders. However, one of the most prominent features of the Yuan Pay Group is that not only can it be used for trading foreign currency pairs, but you can also use it for trading indices, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies. This provides the Yuan Pay Group an edge over the rest and it is one of the reasons why people are drawn towards this option. Another reason this software stands out in the crowd is because of the fact that it provides traders with complete control over their trades.

When you decide to use the Yuan Pay Group, you can choose whether you wish to accept a suggested trade, which means that you don’t have to worry about the software making arbitrary decisions that can lead to disaster. Apart from that, there is a host of additional features that can be found, which include one-click trade alerts with Close Trade, Set Pending and Open Market fields. Overall, the Yuan Pay Group provides its users with an excellent opportunity of maximizing their profit-making potential.

How Does the Yuan Pay Group Work?

As stated earlier, the Yuan Pay Group is compatible with the MT4 trading platform. This is excellent news because nearly all of the top quality brokers in the market provide support for this platform. Plus, it is also compatible with mobile, which is another added benefit. The software can also concurrently run with other trading platforms. As compared to some of the other trading robots in the market, this one doesn’t place trades on your behalf. Instead, it performs an analysis of the market and alerts you with suggested trading opportunities that you can explore.

This means that if the broker you have chosen doesn’t provide support for the MT4, then it can simply be downloaded for free, you can add the Yuan Pay Group to it and then use your regular trading account to make the suggested trades. The Yuan Pay Group scans and validates trends on long timeframes first and then it locates corrections on short timeframes. The best entry points are then calculated by the algorithm, which is mostly where the trend is likely to occur with as little risk for you as possible. This makes it ideal for both long-term and intra-day trading.

What are the Components of the Yuan Pay Group?

There are two elements of the Yuan Pay Group; a dashboard and a scanner. The latter is basically a visual tool for analyzing the markets for volume and momentum in order to identify trading opportunities. It covers various financial markets, including forex currency pairs and assets like commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies. The software can be programmed for scanning these markets simultaneously, such as one commodity and one currency pair, which offers you the opportunity to profit from two different markets.

As far as the dashboard is concerned, it is divided into three areas. In the navigation section, you will find essential information on the potential entry points, trading direction, as well as validation for the trade. Trade management makes up the second section, which comprises of two targets for taking profits, the risk-reward ratio for achieving said targets and a stop loss that’s recommended in pips. The last area is dedicated to execution buttons for one-click trade. You can use the Yuan Pay Group dashboard for opening and closing trades.

You can adapt this automated crypto trading robot system for conservative and aggressive setups, depending on your unique trading style. The layout of the trading template and scanner can also be customized for simplifying the trading process. Fixed lots can be used for trading or for establishing a percentage of the account you are ready to risk. You should note that it is possible to adjust the size of the risk, lot and volume after a signal has been issued.

Who Should Use Yuan Pay Group?

This particular trading robot is a great choice for both intermediate as well as experienced traders. According to the developer, Yuan Pay Group can also work for beginner traders, but there are a few caveats. Firstly, beginner traders using this robot should study the extensive video tutorials and documentation provided. The more you understand this software, the better you will be able to use it. In addition, you have to have at least $500 to $1,000 in your trading account to make the most of the Yuan Pay Group. It is also recommended that you use a demo trading account for using the system first.

The ultimate fact is that Yuan Pay Group can be used in any financial market and in any kind of market condition. It is effective because it identifies the trends that exist and suggests you trades accordingly, thereby allowing you to make the most of your trading.

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